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Cisco Systems Reseller


Welcome to the Global Information Highway Web site - established 1995
  • Vulcan Enterprises is our division for hardware sales. We are an official CISCO products reseller, but we also sell modems, LAN equipment, switches, and encryptors from other manufacturers.
  • WebWay is our division for Web Design solutions that are second to none. We are confident to be able to offer very competitive pricing.
  • Mobile Emporium is our Mobile Telephony division (now sold, although we keep the name and domain)
  • Global Innovation Highway is our Events Productions subsidiary, branching out to use innovations to produce the Best Events

In 1969, a small team of scientists designed and built what was named the ARPANET. Only a handful of computers were connected together. They were the pioneers. The ARPANET gave rise to the Internet by smooth metamorphosis. Tomorrow's Internet will no doubt be different to what we see today, but again, the evolution will be smooth.

The Internet is a daily challenge for humanity, both on a technical level, and on a philosophical one.

Here at Global Information Highway Limited, we are working to keep the Internet working for you, and not the other way round. From Web design to intra-networking, from networking to programming, we can deliver the right integrated solution to any challenge.

It's a long journey.

Contact us today to build what our eyes will see tomorrow.

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